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    What is the low bed semitrailer

    1.what are the simple components of a low bed semitraier Low Bed Semitrailer Parts List You can get them in the pictures noted. Trailerbody—gooseneck+loading platform,Brake system,King pin, Landing gear,wheel carrier,swing struct,light,side protection, suspension,axle,rim,tire,ladder All t...

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    Qingte Group- professional semitrailer one stop solution supplier Folding gooseneck lowboy front load trailer

    Front Load Lowbed also named Folding Gooseneck Lowboy,Foldable Folding Gooseneck Trailer Low-Loader. The main features is that the gooseneck can be lie flat as front loading platform and also can be folded as gooseneck for haulage. Youtube Chan...

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